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Thing Thing Arena - Thing Thing Arena 2 Review:

Thing Thing Arena has Thing Thing Arena 2 available for those who want a good game of hard core action and survival. It has many similarities with Thing Thing Arena but also has many improvements in the game.

Thing Thing Arena 2 is still much the survival game you have learned to love in Thing Thing Arena. The playing modes still include the stinky bean survival, zombie survival, and super survival mode coupled with the new playing modes including the sentry bomber survival, ultimate survival, and practice mode.

The character customization feature in Thing Thing Arena 2 is similar to that in Thing Thing 3. You can now also customize the shoes of your character. The controls are much the same with the new somersault jump incorporated when you press the jump button twice. Likewise, the list of highest scores feature was maintained. Each game still has its own list of daily and all time high scores.

The new game modes add new flavor to the game and makes it more interesting. First of all, the sentry bombers survival mode lets you fight with flying sentry bombers. You must avoid contact with them or you will lose health. This mode lets you devise your own tactics on how to kill the sentry bombers, while they are still at the top part of the arena, before they charge toward you. The zombie survival mode in Thing Thing Arena 2 is a tad bit different from that of Thing Thing Arena. The zombies here are slower but they get stronger and stronger as you kill more and more of them. The ultimate survival mode is the nightmare of all Thing Thing players. In this game mode, all of your enemies have joined forces for one cause, to kill you. Mercenaries, zombies, and stinky beans will altogether attack you in this survival game. Finally, the practice mode that is included in Thing Thing Arena 2 is something that can be very useful aside from being entertaining. In it, you can practice your fighting moves and try out different guns in the game.

The cut scene in the beginning of the game is much cooler than the cut scene in the beginning of Thing Thing that is used to entertain the player while the game loads. In Thing Thing Arena 2, opponents randomly drop more varied items when they get killed. Some of the items include pieces that can make you jump higher, run faster, and stop the time and everything around you for a few seconds. These new stuffs are very useful in this challenging game of survival.

Thing Thing Arena 2 gives Thing Thing players the chance to express their competitive side by trying to beat each otherís highest score. It is a very nice addition to the collection of Thing Thing games. And talking about collection of Thing Thing games, Thing Thing Arena 2 is a great addition to the awesome collection of Thing Thing games at Thing Thing Arena which is a must-visit website for Thing Thing fans, so tell your friends!

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